Houseboats – Live It Up On The Water!

Houseboats – Live It Up On The Water!

HouseboatsAll over the world people are moving off land and into the water. Houseboats are becoming bigger and better every year, and life on them is becoming more comparable to living on land thanks to technologies’ leaps forward.

Staying Connected

Just a few years ago if you wanted internet without the wires you were stuck with two options, get satellite or get over it. Now, with worldwide 3G and 4G data connections and how common mobile phones are moving into a houseboat is an easy transition with multiple options.

If you decide that it’s time for your life to move to sea you won’t have any worries about how to transition, and more and more new houseboats are coming standard with features you need for a move like that. Now that it’s so easy to keep connected after leaving land to live on a houseboat you won’t have to worry about losing contact with family and friends, or with playing your favorite online game either!

Extreme Houseboats

These days having a custom houseboat isn’t difficult, and with so many options you can have almost anything you want. There are houseboats that look like houses, like submarines, like domes, and so much more! You can have your own sea mansion to float around in, and have it as roomy as a land house!

With houseboats like the Jelly-Fish 45 and the Trilobis 65 out there, it seems like there is hardly anything that can’t be built for the sea just as well, or even better, than on land!

If you don’t want a houseboat mansion you can do what some others have been doing. Build a raft base, or have one built, and put a camper or trailer on it! This makes for an easy move back and forth from land to sea any time you want!

So if you want to travel the world on your cozy houseboat and then just roll off the raft and cruise around without having to make any real adjustments, then this is perfect for you. It also helps with keeping with a tight budget!

Live Free

With so many options out there for moving your life to the water, you can live as free as you want and nearly anywhere you want. Now you can move off land and travel the seas and still live in the comfort of a house that is still on land.

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