Shipping A Boat in Florida

Do you need boat transport in Florida?Florida

To ship a boat to or from Florida you need to consider the following:

  • The total length of your vessel
  • The total height of your vessel
  • Your vessel’s beam size
  • The height of the mast
  • Whether the vessel can be transported by a trailer or cradle
  • Do you have a trailer or cradle for the boat?
  • What type of boat do you have?

Make sure that you’re aware of the cost and additional fees that are included in transporting your boat.

Don’t forget to prepare your boat for shipping by following these tips!

Florida Boat Transport

Areas of Florida Ship Your Boat Now Services

Yacht, Sailboat, Boat Transport Service

  • Intrastate
  • Interstate

Ship Your Boat Now also handles all manner of boat transport services overseas and internationally. Our marine logistics network is active worldwide in all major ports of call and many others.

No matter the size or destination, we are experienced and equipped in moving your vessel in a safe, timely and cost-effective fashion.

We also handle many ways of boat shipping. Call our shipping experts at 844-757-6733 and ask what method is best for you!

Transporting Your Boat from Floridaboat-lift-transport

  • Roll On Roll Off – RoRo
  • Lift On Lift Off – LoLo
  • Enclosed Container
  • Open Container
  • Flat Rack

Florida Yacht Shipping Solutions

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