Boat shipping is a convenient service for people who own large boats and should hire the boat transporter company Ship Your Boat. Ship Your Boat provides full-service overland and ocean transport which is an excellent service for boat owners. We provide the right equipment and trailers to transport any large or small boat. The types of boats, the preparation process, and how the boat is transported are essential for shipping a boat.

What Boats Can Be Shipped?

  • Different Types Of Boats
  • Preparation For Shipping
  • How A Boat is Transported

Different Types Of Boats

A yacht and sailboat are two popular types of boats. These boats are used to make trips in an ocean or lake. A yacht is a large and luxurious vessel that is mainly used for luxury recreational purposes. Equipped with various amenities, such as leather seats, and bedrooms, a yacht is great for long journeys. A sailboat is a smaller vessel and is propelled entirely by sails and is used for short day trips. These type of boats can be transported on water and overland by Ship Your Boat with an experienced team to complete the job.

Preparation For Shipping

Preparing a boat to be shipped is crucial for the safety of the boat and the transporter. First, everything on the boat must be secured in order to transport the boat safely. If there are any loose items that extend beyond the hull the items could become loose and cause damage during transport. Items such as electronics, anchors, antennas, and flagstaffs must be removed and properly restored. It is also crucial to drain water systems including the air conditioning and pumps to avoid interior water damage. In order to protect from possible damage, it is crucial to make sure the vessel is insured in order to avoid being fully responsible for the potential damage.

How A Boat is Transported

A boat can be transported over-land and water. Ship Your Boat Now has various ocean transport services and overland interstate and intrastate services. To ship a sailboat or yacht over the ocean, the vessel is placed in another large boat. Ship Your Boat can transport boats to and from oceans in the United States or to and from international waters. In order to ship a boat overland, it will be placed on a trailer with multiple axles. The boat is tied down to the trailer with a heavy and durable material to keep the boat in place.

The boat transporters at Ship Your Boat are qualified professionals who are experienced in boat shipping. People who own boats should hire Ship Your Boat to transport their boat. Boat shipping is a convenient and efficient service for boat owners. We have all of a large boat’s shipping needs in order ship domestic and internationally. Call us today at (954) 954-1466 for a free quote regarding our great shipping services! Visit us on the web at Ship Your Boat for more information.