Owning a boat is a dream for many people. The thought of shipping a boat can make any boat owner nervous. Many companies may even leave boat owners adrift to their own devices. That is why Ship Your Boat provides a comprehensive and professional boat shipping service that will fit the needs of any boat owner. Ship Your Boat can transport any size vessel from small boats to large yachts with locations throughout Florida. It is critical to consider all of the choices available when shipping a boat.

  • Preparing A Boat For Shipment
  • How A Boat Is Shipped
  • Finding The Best Method Of Shipment

Preparing A Boat For Shipment

Reviewing the necessary details for the boat shipping process will save owners time and money in the long-run. Thoroughly checking a boat before transport will guarantee there are no unexpected issues or fees. Be sure to drain the appropriate amount of fuel and liquids from the proper systems ahead of time. Remove any personal items, equipment, or perishable items. Disconnecting the battery and removing any cables is strongly recommended. Confirm that the exterior of the boat is clean to avoid any potential issues. Checking for any bottom growth before traveling into other states will avoid any impounding and fees. You will need to ensure all doors or windows are secured. All safety equipment must remain on board and be checked before shipment as well.

How A Boat Is Shipped

Shipping a boat is a convenient process for the right company involved. Overland transport is one of the most common ways that involves shipping a boat on land via semi-trucks. The costs associated with shipping overland will vary based on the size of the boat. Oversea transportation is another option. It typically is used for international shipping purposes and involves loading a boat on to a large ship for transport. A yacht transport ship can carry larger boats into international or domestic waters as well. Another variant of this service provides a captain and crew for safe passage to different harbors.

Finding The Best Method Of Shipment

Having a budget in mind when selecting a shipping method is key. Calculating the size of the boat will narrow down all of the available options. Transportation requirements for boat size and capacity will typically vary by state. Certain states may require that boats are transported only during certain hours of the day. Delayed transport times may occur if time restrictions are applicable. Certified escorts and permits also may be required for any oversized boats. Shipping a boat overseas could be the best option but prove to be more costly than anticipated. Hiring a crew to assist in the transportation process is another option. Crew members will personally ensure that the boat arrives safely at the harbor.

Boat owners want to have peace of mind during the boat shipping process. Cast away the stress by using a licensed and insured service that will sail through the boat shipping process. Ship Your Boat can ship any boat anywhere- no matter what size. Transporting a boat has never been easier thanks to Ship Your Boat’s locations in Florida. Contact the qualified professional staff members available 24 hours a day toll-free at (844) 757-6733.